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Carloforte, Isola di San Pietro, Località Nassetta

Natural Scenarios

The old saltpans: they are at the end of the sea promenade, just off the centre of Carloforte. Salt isn’t produced any more, but the saltpans represent the favourite abode for the spectacular pink flamingos.

The old tuna-fish establishments: near the island’s tip. It is possible to admire the external part of the structure used during the tuna fishing season. From the beginning of May till the end of June the fixed net is lowered into the sea to capture the tunas arriving from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea to reproduce.

Mattanza: the finale stage of tuna fishing. When enough fishes are channeled in the so called “chamber of the death”, fishing boats surround the net and it is finally brought up for the killing. Bloody.

Oasi LIPU: the cliffs on the western side of the island display deep hollows, niches and cracks are the ideal spots for the reproduction of many bird species, such as the magnificent Queen Hawk, whose eggs hatch at the end of August.

Events not to be missed

Girotonno: a 4 days gastronomic kermises, between the end of May and the beginning of June, during which people can enjoy delicious tuna dishes.

Cous cous festival: the event lasts three days, from the 26th to the 29th of April. Along the waterfront people can appreciate typical dishes and buy local handicrafts.

Feast of the Patron: dedicated to St. Peter, every 29th of June. Open-air shows, live music and fireworks